Thermolec Mini Make Up Air

Thermolec Mini Make-Up Air



Today's airtight homes and offices beg for fresh air. When we trap the heat, excess humidity and indoor pollutants such as cleaning products, smoking and pets, will negatively affect the quality of the air we breathe, making our environment both uncomfortable and unhealthy.

The ventilation code for new construction requires the installation of a system to provide adequate fresh air. During winter, the incoming fresh air is at too low a temperature to be comfortable and requires preheating. It is more economical to preheat the incoming air at a specific, controlled source than requiring the central system to continually compensate for heat loss.

When the fresh air required is 100 CFM or more the new Mini Make Up Air mini fresh air make-up offers the optimum solution at the lowest total cost.

The Mini Make Up Air mini fresh air make-up is designed to complement your heating system by pre-heating this fresh air, thus continuously providing comfortable ventilation throughout the house.

Equipped with the most advanced modulating controller and air sensor, the Mini Make Up Air mini fresh air make-up uses the minimum amount of energy required to meet your needs. The air flow sensor detects the amount of air flowing through the unit and modulates the heating capacity accordingly, maximizing savings.

The Mini Make Up Air system is a quality product engineered for peak performance, low operating cost and long life.



  • Units are available in a wide range of sizes from 6" to 12" collars, single phase or 3 phase up to 20kW capacity. See size chart and ordering example below.
  • The fan speed controller allows fine tuning of the air volume required based upon your specific installation.
  • All units are equipped with high quality fans with ball bearings for lowest noise and longest life. Based on the size of unit, the fans provide the airflow required up to 600 CFM.
  • Electronic temperature sensors control the heater proportionally to maintain the pre-set air temperature in the duct and match the exact capacity required minimizing operating costs.
  • Built-in dampers are also included to provide a complete mini make up air solution in a compact package.
  • Easy access allows the iflter to beremoved, washed and be replaced without any tools, elimiinating unnecessary costs.