Ultra High Efficiency S Series

Ultra High Efficiency S Series


Cambridge Space Heating Systems are designed to meet a building's heat and air load requirements. Our unique Blow-Thru design, with 160°F maximum temperature rise and discharge temperature, delivers more usable heat and thermal comfort with minimal temperature variation throughout the heated space. Genuine Cambridge Space Heaters are 40% to 70% more energy efficient than all other types of indirect and direct gas-fired systems used to heat large commercial and industrial buildings.



  • 100% Combustion Efficiency
  • Blow-Thru technology for maximum BTU/CFM
  • 400 to 3,400 MBH
  • Up to 14,400 CFM
  • Natural Gas, LP Gas or Propane Air Burners


  • More heat, less energy and better indoor air quality. Cambridge S-Series Space Heaters use the least amount of outside air to address the facility's combined air infiltration, make-up air and space heating needs.
  • Cambridge manufactures its own proprietary high efficiency, stainless steel burner for the S-Series Space Heater. You can't get the high performance and extended life of a Cambridge burner unless you have a Genuine Cambridge heater.
  • S-Series Heaters are certified for both 160°F temperature rise and 160°F discharge temperature at 0°F outside air. No other heater manufacturer can claim this capability.
  • The industry's highest temperature rise and BTU/CFM ratio means quick response to load changes.
  • High performance, Blow-Thru technology with the proprietary Cambridge burner provides more BTUs per CFM than draw-thru make-air heaters. Therefore less outside air and less energy are required for space heating applications.
  • High 10:1 mixing induction ratio minimizes air temperature stratification and provides even temperatures throughout the building.
  • 100% fresh outside air is used to improve indoor air quality, help solve negative air pressure problems and eliminate cold drafts.
  • High quality Cambridge construction is designed to outperform and outlast the competition.


  • Warehouses
  • Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Indoor Sports Facilities
  • Boat Storage Buildings
  • Auto Dealership Service Bays
  • Aircraft Hangars/Service Areas
  • Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Facilities