Starzone 4000

Starzone 4000

The Starzone 4000 system is the premier VVT system that has evolved from the accumulation of the experience and knowledge Zone All Controls has acquired in manufacturing easy to use packaged VVT temperature control systems since 1987.

Unlike conventional DDC systems, the Starzone 4000 is a packaged system, meaning it is specifically designed for its intended use. This make the system less costly, easier to install and wire, easier to operate, does not require complicated programming, and the operating system has more depth and features than a conventional DDC system.



The Starzone 4000 system begins with the Master control panel. Designed to control 2 stage heat/cool AHU's, the Master control panels can be interfaced to a common communication bus back to our Starcom Building Software. The entire system can then be accessed over the internet. Through the software we provide unlimited FREE technical support for the life of the system. Individual zones and AHU's can be trend logged, several test modes allow for easy problem diagnose, and the systems operation can be tailored to the building by locking out thermostat set points, establishing maximum and minimum damper position, and much more.

In addition to the main AHU's the thermostats can incorporate auxiliary heating devices such as electric, or hot water baseboards, and duct heaters.

Zone dampers can be added to individual zones, or the entire system can be expanded to a full VVT control system with the addition of a by-pass damper.