Gas Detection Systems

Gas Detection Systems

GVU Series Gas Detection

The GVU Series of gas detection and ventilation control systems consist of five (5) main systems. Each of them can incorporate sensors for carbon monoxide (gasoline, LP, or natural gas powered engine emissions), carbon dioxide (diesel engine emissions), nitrogen dioxide (diesel engine emissions) and/or VOC (general air quality/diesel engine smoke).

The GVU-1, GVU-3, GVU-6, GVU-12 and GVU-18 provide two (2) stages of relay contact outputs (warning and alarm). Warning contacts actuate when the sensor(s) sense a high level concentration lasting 30 seconds or more, and are generally used to turn on ventilation equipment. If the high level persists after an adjustable minimum fan run time, the alarm contacts will then close and signal (for example), an optional remote audible/visual alarm, direct digital controller, or turn on second stage ventilation. Each of the series comes with time clock functions for additional ventilation control.

The GVU Series can act as a stand alone control system, or can be utilized with other types of building management systems.


For more information regarding the Toxalert Systems available through Nu-Trend Industries please visit Toxalert International.