PECO Controls

PECO Controls

PECO Controls delivers smart solutions for temperature control in HVAC systems, including devices with technologies that allow commercial enterprises to provide superior solutions to their customers. PECO temperature control devices consistently meet high-standard system requirements in commercial, HVAC, industrial, agricultural and chemical applications.

TH109 thermostat has a two-piece molded plastic enclosure with all exposed metal parts of stainless steel. These thermostats, listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL), meet the requirements for NEMA 4X equipment and are suitable for use under the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) Article 547-4, when used with appropriate watertight connections.

The TH109 features two SPDT switches staged 3°F apart. It delivers reliable temperature control for industrial, commercial and agricultural applications.

T115 thermostat offers one control for Heating or Cooling. Its NEMA 4X Enclosure Complies with N.E.C. Article 547. The low mass, high surface area of stainless steel coiled sensor provides rapid response to temperature change. Featuring SPDT switches it delivers reliable temperature control for industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. TRF models also support remote sensing (TR115-005).

Fast, easy & portable temperature control at a specific location. TF115P-002 industrial application thermostat is built for long-term, reliable performance while withstanding harsh climate conditions.

With simple plug-in set up, user just plugs it into device power source. Easy configuration for heating or cooling, makes portable use easy. Analog thermostat is has a rugged, weather resistant enclosure, which enables placement most anywhere. It tolerates moist conditions, performs despite water spray, high humidity, airborne contaminates & moderately corrosive conditions. Large, visible dial, makes set point temperatures clear. Enclosures comply with N.E.C. Article 547, giving code compliance peace-of-mind. Thermostat is built from corrosion resistant materials, allowing long life & reliable performance in most demanding climates.