Comfort Zone System

Comfort Zone System

Comfort Zone II

Comfort Zone II is a 2, 4, or 8-zone system integrated for home or business comfort. The Comfort Zone II kit includes the User Interface; Equipment Controller; 1, 3, or 7 Remote Room Sensors; an Outdoor Air Temperature Sensor; and a Duct Temperature Sensor.


Standard Features

  • IdealHumidity™ system control
  • Temperature sensor offsets
  • Enhanced humidity set-up screen
  • Backlit display
  • 7-day programmable
  • Outdoor temperature display
  • Auto changeover
  • Copy period, day, and zone function
  • Clean filter reminder
  • Indoor relative humidity display
  • Fully communicating
  • Fully modulating dampers
  • Adjustable temperature set points
  • Diagnostic error display
  • Compressor TimeGuard protection
  • Smart recovery in cooling and heating
  • Humidity control (dependent on HVAC equipment)
  • Hybrid Heat applications (dependent on HVAC equipment)
  • Auxiliary heating lockout
  • Low temperature cooling lockout

Optional Features

  • Smart Sensors